Barry M.

I look forward to seeing all of you and catching up on old times especially with those that I have reunited with on social media. My life since Fairview has been an adventure of many callings involving triumphs and tragedies. I got out of high school life by the skin of my teeth academically, but I then discovered a career in law enforcement and other public safety endeavors. I achieved a degree in Criminal Justice and spent 5 years with the Boulder Police Department.

I also worked as a paramedic in Boulder County for 15 years and was a volunteer with Cherryvale Fire Department for 14 years. After leaving Public Safety work, I worked at KBCO in their promotions department. I landed in this job after working the first 17 Kinetic Sculpture Challenges in every capacity from being one of two medics in the first sculpture challenge all the way up to being the event co-coordinator for number 17. After that I had had enough of the “fun” madness and moved on and back into private and corporate security.

Most recently after being single all these years, I finally met the one woman who could tie me down in 2009 and we got married on August 10, 2013. So when you see us at the reunion, you can wish my wife Tina and I an almost happy anniversary. We look forward to seeing you all, it should be interesting. We now live in Westminster with our two crazy dogs Lucy the Australian Shephard (the great one) and Bailey the Walker Tree Hound (the dumb one). Sorry I have never met a dumber dog in my life. The only thing that saves her is that she is a sweet dog, just very stupid. Lucy is a typical Aussie and is so much smarter than me. I thank God for all three of them as they keep me going and have seen me through the recent loss of both of my parents during the first 4 months of this year. In a nut shell, that’s my story since Fairview.

See you all there!